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A New Television Arrives, Finally    Man (lead)                               Theatre 54 

Analog Friend                                                Bob (lead)                                    NY Fringe '07 

For Risk of Safety                                         Graham(lead)                     Workshop Theater 

Stupid: the plays                                          Matt, Jacob, Bailiff             The Flea Theater

The Charlotte Salomon Project           Dr. Singsong                        Brooklyn Fire Proof 

Leap and The Net Will Appear             Lead Actor                                TBG Art Center

Mary Berry Presents: The Life....       Mr. Time Winters            NY Fringe '06

Henry V                                                                 Bourbon                        Frederick Loewe Theatre

Spinoza Rides Again                                   Stephen (lead)                    Insofar Productions

Sister, Brother Improv Troupe             Player                                       Tribe Improv Group

The World's Best Variety Show            Host/Player                          Tribe Improv Group

The Memory of Water                                   Mike                                           Tribe Theater Group

Assassins                                                            Proprietor                               Metro Stage Company

Imported Bridegroom                                Shaya (lead)                          Lara Classics

What About Luv                                            Harry (lead)                           Main Street Theater

Picasso at the Lapin Agile                    Einstein (lead)                     Vokes Theater

Pillow Talk                                                  Dr. Roger Creosote            Dorset Theater Festival

Sherlock Holmes                                    Bartholomew Sholto       Dorset Theater Festival

Venezia                                                              Chato (lead)                       Dorset Theater Festival

Caberet                                                                    Herr Shultz                           Brehmer Theater

Eurydice                                                       Interesting Man/Child         Vassar Powerhouse

Catastrophe                                                        Director (lead)                      Vassar Powerhouse

Company                                                              Robert (lead)                          Brehmer Theater

Oleanna (two person show)                     John (lead)                             Brehmer Theater

Barefoot in the Park                                      Paul (lead)                            Brehmer Theater

Anything Goes                                              Moonface Martin                   Brehmer Theater

How to Succeed in Business...                Bud Frump                            Brehmer Theater



Function                                       Man (lead)                     Dir.  Bryan Wilson

Look! Up in the Sky!             Clark (lead)                   Dir.  Brenna Hemphill

That's A Wrap                          Greg (lead)                     Dir.  Stefan Elnabli

Stay (feature)                          Mike (lead)                     Dir. E.J. Yerzak

Perception (feature)          Roger Templeton       Dir.  Wade Wofford

The Reckoning                       Jason Harris                 Dir. Trey Livingston

Otters                                             Frank                                 Dir.  Eliza Subotowicz

Untitled Film Project        Phil                                     Dir.  Michael Helman

Silent Treatment                  Business Man             Dir.  Michelle Walson


TV/ Commercial:

Law and Order:  CI                                   Reporter #2                 NBC

NY1 Sports News                                     Reporter                        NY1 News

Colgate Hockey                                           TV Announcer         CUTV

The Match Game                                       Host                                  CUTV

93.1 Doug FM Commercial                Doug (lead)    

Edwin Watts Golf Commercial      Golfer (lead)