Acting Showcase on September 20th

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Leap: And the Net Will Appear

 Thank you to everyone who was a part of what was a wonderful evening! 

 Through a variety of characters and situations, Ari and Bryan have written a 30-35 minute piece that consists of an opening with excerpts of Shakespearean verse, a scene about war, a lesson in the importance of journey, the consequence of choice, and how love pervades all.  Ari and Bryan hope to illustrate to the agents, managers, casting directors, and friends they know, that their range and castability as actors comes at an important and exciting time in New York's entertainment industry, with more television, film and theatrical projects in progress than ever before!  Join them for one of the two performances, and Ari and Bryan thank you in advance for your support!

Here's What They're Saying...

“LEAP . . . Is one of the best showcases I have seen in recent years.  Ari and Bryan have the audience with them from beat one, moving from sketch-comedy laughs to Shakespearian drama effortlessly.  THESE ARE TWO TO WATCH.”

                 -Emily Erstling (Waxman Williams Entertainment)

"Sharp, smart and emotionally engaging.  A showcase that really did its job: both of these guys are BIG TIME TALENTS...Ari showed tremendous range and craft, nailing both the dramatic and comedic material."

                 -Kevin Mandel (Playwright of "Spinoza Rides Again")

"Vigoda and Wilson's LEAP (and the Net Will Appear) showcases their stage presence, the depth and breadth of their craft, as well as their ample dramatic and comedic writing talents.  As an added treat, two short films played before the showcase.  Written and directed by Wilson and starring Vigoda and Wilson, the shorts display these two young actors' ability to rein in their performance for the film medium without losing any of the intensity displayed on stage."

      -Tze Chun (Screenwriter/Director)

"Ari and Bryan did an excellent job...I left wanting more.  THESE GUYS HAVE GOT "IT" and I hope to see more of them in the near future."

               -Jillian Brewster (Roundabout Theatre)