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Dear Diary...

1/25 We anxiously await the greatest sporting event of the year to happen as the polar vortex maintains it's icy grip on NYC.  Certainly dissapointed the Patriots couldn't make it to the Meadowlands.  It would have provided just a bit of redemption to see them win in the home of the Giants.  On the work front, I recently agreed to appear in the film "It's Raining on Prom Night."  I play the nerdy, awkward high school student Jay Dellsworth.  It's directed by Gabe Rodriguez and we should begin filming sometime this summer.  Also check out a review from the last show I did with Between Us Productions called "Parables for the One Percent."

4/21 The hockey and basketball playoffs are starting to heat up, and things are busy here in the city.  I'm working on 4 different projects currently.  The first of which is a staged reading of World of Tomorrow being produced by TAPt.  It's at the Players Club which has been around since 1888.  Such a cool spot.  A real throwback.  They don't make places like that anymore.  We're also doing Connie in Detroit again as part of a one act festival at the Abingdon on May 13th.  I'm also working on a script with a friend of mine which we will perform at Sticky on May 20th at the Bowery Poetry Club.  And finally, we're still workshopping Alice or the Scottish Gravediggers with performances in the Fall.

1/19 A belated happy new year everyone!  So an update of what's going on in the new year.  I did another scene with DnA.  This time is was from "Tootsie."  Had a great time playing with the scene.  Tomorrow there's a chance i'll make an appearance, or at least my swing or golf club will, on the show "Royal Pains."  The Episode is called "Mulligan" and I worked on set last summer spending the day at a golf course on Long Island.  It was one of the longest days of my life, as we were shooting from dawn till dusk.  Next month, i'll be directing a play for Sticky at the Bowery Poetry club called "Nevertheless."  Really looking forward to working on the play.  And finally, I have ongoing rehearsals for a workshop piece that Polybe + Seats is doing at the Old Stone House in Brooklyn.  We'll be doing a showing of it in March and then a full production in the fall.  Stay tuned.....

6/20  Ok it's been awhile so I figured it was way overdue to check in.  It was a busy weekend.  As the temperatures start to heat up in the city, so are the projects.  Friday night I was in another Sticky play called "Discipline."  Today I was on set for the film "Bike Love" which we filmed in the East Village.  I play the role of 'Bike Shop Guy' complete with my mustache and greasy hipster hair.  This summer I will again be involved with the NY Fringe Festival.  The show is called "The Battle of Spanktown" and I play the role of 'Mole'.  More info to come!  Stay cool!


9/15  Can you feel that chill in the air?  Well not quite.  I was at the Jets-Pats game on Sunday and it was almost 90!  We'll take the win, even though it wasn't pretty.  It was a busy weekend.  I performed in another Sticky play, called "Life Preserver" at The Bowery Poetry Club.  The fam was in town and we saw "Title of Show," a must see musical for any theater goer.  This evening I saw a reading of "Capture Now," a wonderful one person show which will be opening downtown in October.

8/21 Well the summer is winding down, but it's been busy of late. I just wrapped up performing in Mixed Signals: An evening of Misfit One Act. It was a blast. Our play, Rock, was one of 4 one acts being performed. I also did a one of a kind rendition of "Tonight" from West Side Story with sock puppets for the Caberet last Saturday evening. We finished filming for the short film as part of DnA's Wonder project.

5/18 Ok so its been awhile since I last checked in. I know you've all been waiting with baited breath. So my recent projects include working with DnA again, this time on a short film that will be submitted to festivals. Yesterday I went to BAM to see "Endgame" by Beckett. What a great production. I originally was going because John Tutorro was in it, but the whole thing really exceeded my expectations. The acting was strong across the board, with Max Cassella and legends Alvin Epstein and Elaine Stritch. Finished off the weekend with watching the Celtics win an incredible Game 7 against the Cavs.

1/18 Happy New Year to all! Made it through the holidays and looking forward to what 2008 has to offer. I've started writing a play. I'll call it "Untitled" for the moment. Trying to keep the creative juices flowing as the temperature continues to drop. I was in Syracuse this week on business and will be in Florida this weekend for pleasure. That's what I call finding the balance. And how bout them PATS! Can't wait for the game on Sunday. Gotta stick it to those "cocky love to run their mouths" Chargers. How does 20 degrees at kickoff sound? Very nice.

12/2 There's snow on the ground and winter is upon us here in the Big Apple. Last night I saw the Wooster group's production of "Hamlet" at the Public Theater. For those that didn't get to see it, they incorporated Richard Burton's 1964 Broadway production that was being show on screens around the stage so that the live action matched the recorded action. It was visually and audibly stimulating. On Friday I acted in two spec commercials, one for The New York Times and one for Monster.com. We shot through the night and into the morning. Good times. Speaking of good times, London and Ireland was a blast! I saw some great theater, including Glengarry Glen Ross, Swimming with Sharks, and Parade. Parade, Jason Robert Brown's musical, was especially incredible. Oh and the Patriots are still undefeated!

11/3 Well there's alot to update since I last checked in. On Monday the 22nd, I participated in another round of DnA, which is a workshop for directors and actors. The scene this time was from "Party Girl." I've said it before, but it's great exercise for the actor. From that, I was asked to participate in a reading of a new short film called "Suicide is Inconsiderate." Yesterday I had an audition for WB tv casting for their upcoming season. That's all I'll say for now. Last night I performed in the short play "Last Call" as part of Sticky at the Bowery Poetry Club. Today I saw a new play, "The Receptionist," produced by the Manhattan Theater Club. And the Red Sox are World Series Champions!!!!!!! And tomorrow is Super Bowl 41 1/2 between the Pats and Colts. I told you there was a lot to report. Its been a busy but quite rewarding month. I'm looking forward to my trip to London and Ireland next week. Already booked a round of golf at the Lahinch Golf Club in County Clare Ireland. I've got the raingear ready.

10/5 What a great time of year. Football is in full swing with the Pats still undefeated, October baseball with the Sox up 1-0 over the Angels, and there's that chill in the air that reminds you the holidays are right around the corner. Well, all of that is true except for the chill in the air. Another day of temps in the 80's here in the city. I've been busy at work but have still managed to stay creative with an upcoming performance of "Last Call" as part of the Sticky Plays at the Bowery Poetry Club on November 2nd. I saw a wonderful new play by Theresa Rebeck called Mauritius at the Biltmore Theatre. And I'll be heading off to London for a week in November. More details to follow.

9/16 Well its been quite a week. So a week ago Thursday, I found out that I would be going on as the understudy for "The Man" in Kevin's play A New Television Arrives, Finally. I had been the "production manager" but now was thrown into learning a play in less than 3 days. It was a range of emotions, from feeling totally overwhelmed to excited to frustrated. I would also have to miss going to the Pats game at the Jets. Well Sunday came and the show was a great success. I made it through one of the more stressful situations and can now look back on it and be very proud of the work I did. My last show filling in was Friday night. What an experience! And Happy New Year my fellow Jews!

8/27 The Fringe Festival is over. We had our final performance of Analog Friend Friday night. I got to see several other plays this year, including Lucid, Pogo & Evie, and Horatio. Today I went to a screening of a film I did work on called ManDate. The director, Michael Helman, is still working on it and plans to submit it to several festivals. Tomorrow the rivalry continues at Yankee Stadium and I'll be there. Can't wait! Nice coming in with a 8 game lead in the AL East. I've begun research on a new play that I will be writing. Stay tuned. And finally, A New Television Arrives, Finally opens Sept 6th.

8/13 The Summer is flying by. Analog Friend opened on Saturday. Had lunch at Katz's with my grandmother's friends, Betty and Al, who came to see the show. We still have 3 more perfomances. Last week I sat in rehearsals for A New Television Arrives, Finally which my friend and colleague Kevin Mandel wrote. We open in September at Theater 54. I'm also working on A Sea Change this week. We perform Thursday and Friday. I saw a wondeful play, Frost/Nixon, on Saturday night. I sat in the best front row seats I have ever had. Langella and Sheen were practically in my lap. Looking forward to Jordana moving to the city this week. Football preseason has begun! Can't wait for the opening game against the Jets. I'll be there!

7/24 Just got another residual check from Law and Order. Always a pleasant surprise. We're full into rehearsals for Analog Friend which is going well. My friend from the LAB master class, Nikole, has joined the cast which is great. I'm also working with Polybe and Seats again on a new project with the working title A Sea Change. We'll be doing a showing in Brooklyn this August. Last week, I saw Second Stage's production of Sarah Ruhl's Eurydice. I was in the play when I was at the Vassar Powerhouse Theater the summer of 2002. I have to say, there was something to the simplicity and innocence of our production that was missing in the current one. This Friday night I'm going to see "Alice in War" at SPF at Theater Row written by my high school director Steve Bogart. Really looking forward to that. And the Red Sox have won 5 in a row, so things are going well.

7/1 So its been awhile since I last checked in, but things have been busy. I started the month of June by spending a wonderful vacation in Costa Rica with the family. I just completed a successful run of For Risk of Safety at the Workshop Theater. We ended on a real high note with a great last show on Saturday night. After the show I checked my messages and found out that I will be a part of the NY Fringe Festival once again this summer. I've been cast in the play Analog Friend and our first read-through is Monday night. As one door closes, another opens. I feel very fortunate to start on a new project just as the old one ends. Hope you're enjoying the start of summer!

5/24 Summer is upon us with Memorial Day Weekend rapidly approaching. It's been a busy May. Last week I attended a networking party through Small Pond Productions. I met a lot of up and coming theater companies. On Monday I attended another DnA workshop, this time working on a scene from the film Gattaca. We worked for an hour with one director. Another great chance to just play without having the pressure of an audition or even a rehearsal. On Wednesday I was on set again for Guiding Light. The episode is scheduled to air on June 27th. I'm a patron in the restaurant. Look for the guy in the blue shirt. My friend Bryan and I will be producing a Heinz ketchup commercial for their online contest www.topthistv.com. We'll be looking for your vote. Stay tuned!

5/7 I just got back from a great experience. I was asked to be part of the DnA workshop, which is a group of directors that meet weekly to work with actors on a specific scene. The scene my partner and I had was from the film Run Lola Run. In an hour and a half, we went through 6 or 7 different directors who each brought something different for us to play in the scene. It really was great exercise. I start rehearsals for For Risk of Safety on Thursday. I'm still waiting to confirm the dates, but we will have 3 performances during the last week of June. I'm heading to Atlanta this weekend for Jordana's graduation. Very excited about that! I can't believe mine was 4 years ago! Oh and yes, the Yankees got their man. Well they certainly needed Clemens more than we did.

4/27 Rain rain go away. Please come back some other day. I'm bummin. I have tickets to the sox-yanks game tonight at the Stadium featuring the premo matchup of Dice-K vs Pettitte and it looks like a wash out. And the weather has been gorgeous all week. In other news, I have a couple of auditions this weekend, including a call-back for a play that goes up in June. My Law and Order episode already made it to the reruns on USA. I have some possible projects coming up for this summer, but i'll wait to make announcments until I know the details. I do know, however, that i'll be taking a vacation with the fam in Costa Rica. Really looking forward to that and hoping nothing conflicts. UPDATE: Play Ball! We kicked some Yankee ass. I was sitting right in the thick of it. I was not only in the bleachers, but the bleacher section that leads all the annoying chants. It was quite an experience. But when all was said and done, we were singing "Sweet Caroline" in the subway on the way home. It was like riding the green line from Kenmore.

4/10 12 hours there, 12 hours back, and 4 shows in between. That's how I spent my last weekend. The Charlotte Salomon Project was very well received in Michigan, as we performed infront of full houses in the recently opened Walgreen Theatre Complex at the University of Michigan. Check out the recently added pictures from the trip. Some quick things I learned from the four days: It can snow and snow and never accumulate, there are no Tom Brady jerseys in Ann Arbor, a stocked fridge is a beautiful thing, PA is a big state to drive through, MapQuest lies. This Friday night I perform in a short play at the Bowery Poetry Club written by Jacob, who was in Charlotte with me.

3/26 How many people can say they have a movie filming in their backyard? That's right. Matt Damon along with the cast and crew of Bourne Ultimatum have been on my block for the last couple of days. But we're used to that stuff here in NYC. As for my theatrical endeavours, I have one more performance of Stupid: the plays next Sunday. I ran into an old high school friend at the show last night. Its probably been over 10 years. Its a small world. I've started rehearsals for Budweiser Girls, a short play that will be performed as part of Sticky Plays on April 13th. I'm also gearing up for the road trip to Michigan where we'll be performing The Charlotte Salomon Project at the University of Michigan.

3/4 Just got back from celebrating my grandmother's 80th birthday party. Good times! I have another show tonight at The Flea. Last week was an adventure getting to the theater. Apparently the Chinese new year is celebrated more than just once, because I was down on Canal st. unable to cross the road due to the parade. I felt like Elaine in the Seinfeld episode "The Puerto Rican Day Parade." I saw Eric Bogosian's Talk Radio starring Liev Schreiber on Wednesday night. Definetely worth seeing, especially getting a chance to see Liev at work.

2/19 Happy President's Day everyone! So last week I received a letter from the Producer of "Law and Order: CI" thanking me for my work on the show and welcoming me to the "Law and Order Family." Very Classy! I'll be working on "Guiding Light" this Friday. This Sunday stupid: the plays opens at the Flea Theater at 7. It's going to be a busy week of rehearsals. Should be a fun night of theater.

2/11 What an exciting start to the week. Tuesday night I was on network television in "Law and Order: Criminal Intent." I only got to see the episode once since im still behind on the whole Tivo thing, but everyone seems to agree that they heard me say "Please." What can I say, I cant help being polite even when im a blood thirsty reporter. Thank you to everyone that watched! Rehearsals are under way for stupid: the plays. if you're wondering about the title, its the common theme that runs through all the short plays. I stood out in the cold friday morning for rush tickets to "Spring Awakening." The music is soo good! Speaking of music, the Grammys are on tonight. Enjoy!

1/29 And this is why there's no city like New York. Last night I was out for dinner with my parents at a restaurant on the upper west side. Near the end of our meal I noticed a familiar looking face a couple tables away. That familiar face was Tony Kushner, the Pulitzer Prize winning playwright of "Angels in America." Now what made it so incredible is that I had been reading "Angels in America" all weekend because I'll be doing a scene from it for my class. I had to say something so as I left I introduced myself and told him I was in the middle of reading "Angels in America" for a class im taking with Austin Pendleton. He told me to send his love to Austin. A complete gentleman. Very exciting. So this week I start rehearsals for 3 plays that I'm in as a part of a series of short plays being put on by The Stupid Team, a group of Columbia playwrights and directors. I also saw a great play this weekend, "The Little Dog Laughed." Great cast, but Julie White is truly exception. Definetely worth checking out before it closes in a couple of weeks.

1/15 Well its been awhile since the last time I checked in, but you know how the holidays can be. This week I perform a scene from "Doubt" for my scene study class. Looking forward to it. Tomorrow I make an appearance again on "Guiding Light." Just be sure not to blink. Ok, now I have to get to the incredible game I witnessed last night in San Diego. My Patriots once again pulled out a miracle victory. Unlike some other historic wins that they have had, this one looked far from attainable, until Brady and Belichick worked their magic. It sets up a great match up against the Colts next weekend. Can't wait! And how about the premier of "24." It was a fun day of tv last nite.

12/25 Merry Christmas! Christmas came early yesterday with a big win for the Pats. Just another AFC east title. I remember when that would have been a huge accomplishment, now its Super Bowl or Bust. The fam is on their way into the city on Wednesday. Soo looking forward to that. The big Law and Order episode is rapidly approaching. I hope I made the cut. Check it out Tuesday January 2nd on NBC. Jacob and I moved the short play, "Budweiser Girls," that we were going to do the end of this month to some time early next year. It's been quite a year of exciting developments in my career. I look forward to a prosperous and successful 2007 as we bring 2006 to a close. Here's to a happy and healthy new year!

12/17 There's nothing like being in the city around the holidays. Although this warm weather is starting to freak me out a bit. I know I shouldnt be complaining, but where is the snow? Its been a busy couple of weeks for me. I was a "supporting player" on the Guiding Light again on December 5th. Because of this appearance, I officially joined AFTRA. I started my scene study class at HB Studios with Austin Pendleton. I'm doing a scene from "Doubt." It's certainly going to be a challenge, but I look forward to doing some good work on it. At the end of this month, i'll be performing in a short play written by Jacob who was in the Charlotte Salomon Project with me. It will be part of the Sticky Play night at the Galapagos in Brooklyn. Looking for the Pats to regain some momentum today as they play the Texans. HAPPY HANNUKAH!!!!!!

11/28 Just got back into the city yesterday after a lovely weekend in Boston with the family. I even went on one of the Duck tours for the first time. Before I went home on Thursday, I saw Durango at the Public theater. I thought the acting was superb and the set, as always at the Public, innovative. They always seem to make the most of the space they have. Bryan and I realized only when we were looking at the Playbill that we had both auditioned for one of the parts in the play. Needless to say, they went in a different direction. Tomorrow's my birthday! The celebration started this past weekend in Boston. Looking forward to a great dinner at Wallse.

11/14 Yesterday I was "Reporter #2" on the set of Law and Order: Criminal Intent. Donna Murphy and Xander Berkeley were the guest leads in the episode entitled "Albatross." It was a lot of fun being a principal for the day along with my fellow reporter Tracey Paleo. What I had no idea is that now I am eligible to join SAG which is really exciting! Whether I join right this second is different question. On a "its small world note," I ran into the costume designer of Law and Order at the film screening of "Otters" that I was in up at Columbia. It turned out that she was there because her husband was the lead in the film. My family was in town to see "The Charlotte Salomon Project," including my grandmother which was a real treat. On Saturday, we went to see the musical "Mimi Le Duck." The show was just ok, but it was certainly worth seeing the legendary Eartha Kitt. It is soo great to see someone like her command the stage with so little effort. She's still got it, and going strong at 80.

11/5 So I found out on Friday that I booked a speaking role on Law and Order: CI. I had gone to the audition on Wednesday for the role of "Reporter." We should be shooting anytime between the 9th and 20th. The Charlotte Salomon project is well underway. Come check it out in Brooklyn! Today the marathon went right by my apartment. I saw Lance Armstrong. What can't that guy do!

10/30 Monday night and enjoying watching the Patriots beat up on the Vikings. Wednesday night we open at Brooklyn Fire Proof. We were listed in the Off-Off Broadway section in Time Out Magazine. Friday I was acting in a NYU film in Brooklyn which is going to look great. Happy Halloween!

10/19 Today I worked on Guiding Light again. We're well into the winter season on set and my scenes were "outside." I was in a couple of scenes on Main Street at the CO2 cafe. The episode airs on my birthday, on Wednesday, November 29th. Diddy was in the house on the set for BET promoting his new album "Press Play." Yesterday I was down at City Hall doing work on the original Law and Order. I was in a couple of exterior shots outside the courthouse with Mr. TD Waterhouse himself, Sam Waterston and the beautiful Alana De La Garza. For all of you who have TIVO, the episode is entitled "Release" and I'm in a suit carrying a blue file folder.

10/12 Yesterday my neighborhood of the upper east side became the center of attention of every news station in the country. The plane carrying Cory Lidle and his flight instructor crashed into an apartment building only blocks from where I live. It was an incredibly eery scene returning home after work. 1st ave was completely shut down to traffic, with emergency vehicles lining the street. The block that I live on was restricted to emergency personnel only. I wasn't allowed to get to my apartment until around 5:00. When you hear a plane has hit a building in nyc it certainly makes you stop and think. I knew it had to be an accident though. I mean really, what targets other than wealthy, older people are on the upper east side. In true NYC form, traffic was back to normal by later that night.

10/6 Today I was called in to audition for a role on "The Sopranos." I met with Sheila Jaffe at Walken/Jaffe Casting. The role was for this college student "Victor" who falls behind on settling his bets and eventually gets the crap kicked out of him by AJ. Not the easiest scene to read for, but it was a real rush. Nice way to end a productive week of work and rehearsals. Parents are in town this weekend! We'll be seeing Martin Short's show "Fame Becomes Me" tomorrow.

10/1 Cause you never know who you'll run into. Last night I went to see "Suburbia" at SecondStage. I was actually brought in to audition for the role of "Jeff." They obviously decided to go in a different direction. I thought it was an overall strong production. I think the excitement of the evening was enhanced a bit when Mr. Steven Spielberg walked into the theater. Turns out he was there to see his daughter, Jessica Capshaw, perform the role of "Erica." And earlier that night I saw Boston sports reporter Bob Ryan eating at the restaurant I was at with my friends Larry and Sandy. I love being in NYC!

9/28 And I thought things would slow down a bit once the showcase ended. Ha! Monday I was on the set of "Guiding Light." I had my own dressing room. I sat in the corner booth at the restaurant "Company" with two other background actors. I was out of there in 2 hours. Looking forward to see it air in early November. I've been doing alot of work for Akamai this week, including taking the scenic trip out to Elmsford NY on the metro north train. I started rehearsals for "The Charlotte Salomon Project." It really is going to be a cool performance piece. Tuesday night I went to a cocktail party that Mrs. Flaherty was throwing at her apartment. It was breathtaking being on the roof of her penthouse apartment on 5th ave. It could easily be the best view of the city anywhere. The passed hors d'oeuvres tasted as good as they looked. From mini cheeseburgers to spoons of cavier, it was a wonderful evening.

9/21 I am extremely proud of how Leap turned out last night. We had two full houses for both shows and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Im so glad that the vision Bryan and I had talked about many months ago, was not only realized, but surpassed with last night's show. Thank you to everyone who made the night so special! So before I could get too depressed from the letdown of the project ending for now, I got a call to do some work on "Guiding Light" on Monday. Baby steps, one part at a time. I'll also be starting up rehearsals for "The Charlotte Salomon Project" next week. It's time to decompress a little this weekend and get the batteries recharged. Here's to a happy, sweet New Year my fellow Jews!

9/14 Today I met with the associate casting director of "Guiding Light" Darlene Rosa and her assistant Jill Creighton. I had sent my info awhile back to Rob Decina, who is the casting director. I had heard him speak at the Vassar Powerhouse Theater when I was there the summer of 2002. I'm looking forward to seeing what its like on the set of a soap. Work continues to be crazy busy and thanks to my efforts, your internet continues to run smoothly. The showcase is in less than a week and we're filling up fast! We may have to pull what we did at Colgate with my Experimental Theater Co and break all fire codes. So the tickets didnt pan out for the Jets-Pats game on Sunday, but that gives us more time to rehearse so it works out.

9/10 Sundays are finally back! I watched the Pats game today on the upper east side with Evan and Bryan. It was an inauspicious beginning to the season, fumbling and giving up a td on the first play from scrimmage. However, we settled down and took care of business pulling out the victory over the Bills 19 -17. Last nite I saw the premiere of "Red Doors" at the Angelika Theater. Good movie. Check it out. We did a big mailing for "Leap" on Saturday when the postcards came in. We already have 15 people confirmed for both shows. Very exciting!

9/5 I spent my Labor Day weekend by laboring. Saturday the show I helped co-write "Jamie Five Times," went off without a hitch. I was very proud of what the group accomplished. We even got 27 audience members in the middle of a monsoon. Sunday I finished up the install for Akamai and rehearsed in an empty apartment for the upcoming showcase. You have to get creative when it comes to rehearsal spaces in the city. The postcards are ordered and on their way! Yay! Monday we had class with Ron Cephas Jones who I had seen in the show "Satellites" with Sandra Oh. I like his vibe. Is it really September? Kick-off to the football season is only 2 days away!! Can't wait to see the Pats when they come into town against the Jets in week 2!

8/31 What a crazy week it has been, and it's only Thursday. On Monday we received an assignment for our Master Class to create, produce and perform an original piece of theater in less than a week. Ha,ha, very funny right? Well the group sprung into action. After having a full day of class, myself and 4 other class members stayed for another 4 hours to write a script. I couldn't believe how easily it actually went. It truely was a collaborative effort. Then we woke up the next day and realized there were some holes that we needed to fill. After an early morning conference call on Wednesday, we met later that night at a place down on E13th street where one of the writers, Brion, was bartending. We revised a new script at the dimly lit bar, all of us hunched over a mac laptop, feeding off each other's energy. We celebrated with a round of Sour Patch shots, an original creation of Brions. It has been an awesome experience. On top of all this, rehearsals are well under way for the upcoming showcase in September. Our friends at Hunter College have been kind enough to open their doors for our rehearsals. Tuesday night was even catered. (Not exactly, but we did score some cheese plates and appetizers that were left over from a lecture.) This week has also been really busy at work. We have two big installations that need to be completed before Tuesday. For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, I work for Akamai. The majority of internet traffic goes through Akamai servers. But I'm really not an IT guy so I won't be much of a help when it comes to fixing your computer.